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Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering

August 2023

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The image shows a compilation of journal headers and titles published recently. © AD​/​BCI

August 2023 - Recently published articles

The research group Equipment Design is very happy and proud of the newly published papers. Together with our partners, we published new results from various research projects. Special thanks belong to the students whose phenomenal results are shown in these outstanding contributions.


  1. Höving S., Schmidt T., Peters M., Lapainis H., and Kockmann N. Small-scale solids production plant with cooling crystallization, washing, and drying in a modular, continuous plant. Processes (2023).
  2. Behr A.S., Völkenrath M., and Kockmann N. Ontology extension with NLP-based concept extraction for domain experts in catalytic sciences. Knowl Inf Syst (2023).
  3. Dinter R, Willems S, Nissalk T, Hastürk O, Brunschweiger A., and Kockmann N. Development of a microfluidic photochemical flow reactor concept by rapid prototyping. Front. Chem. (2023).