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Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering

July 2023

  • Picture of the Month
The image shows Inga Burke, Robin Dinter, and Bastian Oldach @ µFIP 2023 © AD​/​BCI

Laboratory of Equipment Design @ µFIP 2023 Conference and Leadership award for Prof. Kockmann

At the recent micro flow and interfacial phenomena (µFIP) conference in Evanston, Illinois, from June 18 – 21, Prof. Norbert Kockmann was awarded the esteemed µFIP Leadership Award. This recognition was bestowed upon him for his outstanding and remarkable contributions to the research field of microfluidics. While Professor Kockmann could not accept the award in person, his PhD students, Inga Burke, Bastian Oldach, and Robin Dinter, proudly received it on his behalf. Additionally, they also presented and discussed their results on the following topics:

  • Smart image sensor for liquid-liquid systems (poster, Inga Burke)
  • Investigation and characterization of an 3D-printed optical measurement flow cell for process progress monitoring of liquid-liquid systems (poster, Inga Burke)
  • Automated affinity-based purification process for microfluidic DNA-encoded chemistry (talk, Robin Dinter)
  • Automated two-phase reaction system for microfluidic DNA-encoded chemistry (poster, Robin Dinter)
  • 3D investigation of droplet generation and coalescence in capillary liquid-liquid flows using μ-computed tomography (poster, Bastian Oldach)
  • 3D investigation of the wall effect imposed to porous beds by plane and cylindrical boundaries (poster, Bastian Oldach)