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Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering

Proseminar Ruhr Area and History of Technology (067012)

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The Proseminar Ruhr Area and History of Technology will take place in 4 blocks in presence during the lecture term. In the course, students will work in small groups on a selected problem concerning the chemical plant of the future from 1953 and its relation to today. The course will be accompanied by the AI tool ChatGPT, which will be used critically to develop and discuss the problem. The necessary materials, announcements, and information will be posted on Moodle.

Based on the knowledge of science and engineering acquired in the first three semesters, students in the proseminar will conduct an independent literature review, disputation, and presentation to the seminar group by the rules of scientific technique. At the beginning of the proseminar, there will be an introduction to scientific research (e.g., literature management, searching databases), good scientific technique (e.g., citing and review), and a presentation. The proseminar partially accomplishes the module "Fachprojekt".


LSF: AD - Proseminar / Ruhrgebietsgeschichte (067012)

Kontakt: Laura Marsollek, Robin Dinter

Daily updated information and lecture-related materials are available in the Moodle course.